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Video Production Lead Steve Scheiber Highlights the People behind the Projects

By Eliza Wireback

August 31, 2018


Four years, two new hires and dozens of videos later, Creative Team Leader Ron Sill still remembers his first meeting with Steve Scheiber – a telephone interview between the two.

“I told him my title, but I said, ‘I would describe myself as the chief storyteller at RS&H,’” said Ron. “And, Steve said, ‘Well, I want to work at RS&H because I am a storyteller, too.’”

That’s just how it’s always been with Steve; It’s always been about the story.”


A Documentarian at Heart

Now the Video Production Lead for RS&H, Steve spent much of his career working on documentaries for media organizations, including National Geographic and the Discovery Channel.

But after years working in network television, he decided to leave the industry, as he saw reality TV gaining in popularity over documentaries. With RS&H, Steve found a place where he could continue the storytelling tradition -- and expand its presence by becoming the first video production specialist at RS&H.

The team numbered one when Steve started. Now, there are two more video production specialists, not only working on company videos, but also creating project videos as a service to clients.

“Anyone who sees Steve’s work recognizes his value – that’s true not just in RS&H, but in our clients,” said Ron. “It didn’t take long for our clients to see that value in creating film work. The response has been overwhelming.”


First Coast Expressway and International Awards

Steve’s favorite RS&H video project so far focused on the First Coast Expressway, which connected drivers across Florida’s Clay County. The video, created for the Florida Department of Transportation, went viral, receiving thousands of views within hours of its initial showing.

The video made up part of the portfolio Steve and his team submitted to the Telly Awards, an international video competition that receives entries from some of the world’s top companies. The team found out in May that RS&H received two 2018 Bronze Telly Awards, one being for the First Coast Expressway submission.

CJ Youmans, a project manager for the Transportation-Infrastructure Practice, wasn’t surprised. CJ has worked extensively with Steve on several videos, including the First Coast Expressway video project.

“He’s so friendly and genuine, and he’s just able to connect with people,” said CJ.

That connection extends to the RS&H associates who assist Steve on projects, going out in the field and developing video storyboards.

“Everybody just gets excited when he’s around. I have people that enjoy being on Steve’s team more than they enjoy being on mine,” said RS&H Transportation Vice President Kim Holland, with a laugh. “I say, ‘You went to school for engineering, remember?’”

CJ says Steve gives RS&H an edge over other firms.

“I refer to him as the magician. What he’s doing is magic. It really is,” said CJ. “He’s able to not just tell the story, but also make others feel the emotions surrounding it.”

Kim agrees with CJ. Steve is a master videographer, she says. But she uses a different analogy to describe him.

“I say he's the Steven Spielberg of RS&H,” said Kim, with a laugh. “Steve is able to sew the stories together every time.”

For his part, Steve emphasizes the value in the projects his team’s videos highlight.

“I think the work we do here is really noble, it improves the lives of whole communities across generations,” said Steve. “It’s important to document these projects and the people behind the designs.”

Steve believes these videos are more than informational, though.

“Stories inspire. The right stories inspire,” said Steve. “If you can help inspire someone, then that’s a pretty cool thing. That’s the power of videos.”


A Passion Persisting

Steve first fell in love with video storytelling in college.

“I walked into my first television studio class, and it was magic,” said Steve. “It was an experience where I walked in, and it felt like home.”

That passion hasn’t waned over the years.

“It feels still today as fun as it did all those years ago,” he said.

Steve spends a lot of his time on the road. Based in Jacksonville, Fla., he and fellow video production specialist Laura Ospina have spent hours driving to different parts of the country for video projects.

Over those hours in the car, the pair have gotten to know each other well, said Laura.

“If you were in the car with your boss for seven-plus hours, it could be kind of awkward,” said Laura. “But it’s nice to travel with him. He asks about my life, and we just talk a lot.”

Steve has served as a mentor to Laura during her time at RS&H, providing guidance and offering support. His friendship extends beyond the office.

“During our Christmas party, it was the first time I had met his wife, and when I talked with her, she already knew through him that I was running a race later that month,” said Laura. “That meant a lot, that our team was important to him even when he left the office and went home for the day.”

Steve’s genuine nature, easygoing personality and quick smile make him a delight to work with, CJ, Kim and Laura agree.

In response to all of his colleagues’ praise, Steve turns the attention right back to them.

“Video is a team sport. Together, we’ve done a lot that we all can be proud of,” said Steve. “Those successes make the future exciting here at RS&H. I look forward to telling our stories for many years to come.”

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