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[VIDEO] Strategic Solutions for a Safer Airport Ticketing Area

By Evan Pfahler

June 11, 2020

Safer airport ticketing area in the time of COVID-19.

As cities release requirements for businesses to reopen after the onset of COVID-19 there is still one common message: Social Distancing.

Airports are faced with new challenges that revolve around social distancing and how to accommodate the return of passengers at the typical airport chokepoints. These new challenges require a strategic reevaluation of the current passenger experience and terminal best practices – many of which have been in place for decades – to identify solutions that can be implemented without causing a cascade of negative impacts that can stretch from the terminal access road all the way to the boarding gate.

There is no single solution that will work everywhere because each airport is unique. As the old saying goes, “If you’ve seen one airport, you’ve seen one airport.”

Every airport needs strategic solutions to boost public confidence by creating a safer passenger experience.

RS&H utilized data developed from a recent Master Plan study to identify the impacts of social distancing on the passenger experience in a terminal building. Using simulation software, we are able to create realistic models for validating ideas.

The following video evaluates the impacts and investigates options to accommodate social distancing at one key chokepoint in your facility - the ticketing area.


What can airports do?

The recurrence of major pandemics and the fact that airports are the gateways to the world is a call to action for understanding the issues and developing operational plans for short-term mitigation and long-term adaptations. The world is a much smaller place thanks to airports, which also means that airports play a vital role in preventing resurgence and reducing the frequency of the next pandemic.

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About the Author

Mr. Pfahler has 20 years of experience managing and supporting airport planning projects and master plans and serves RS&H as Planning Service Group Leader. Mr. Pfahler’s airport planning expertise includes planning project management, stakeholder engagement, capital planning, and project implementation strategy. Mr. Pfahler has completed numerous airfield capacity and geometry studies, terminal planning studies, and cargo facility studies. Mr. Pfahler has managed the approval of Airport Layout Plans at numerous U.S. large and medium hub airports and excels at working with FAA to ensure timely reviews and approvals. Evan.Pfahler@RSandH.com

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