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Experienced Aerospace Leader Takes on the West

By Rebecca Colone

October 7, 2020

Paula Endicott is an RS&H aerospace engineer in the western region that includes Colorado and Washington.

Paula Endicott has always had a love for colder climates – it’s why she received her mechanical engineer license in Alaska in 2019, in addition to her licenses in both Florida and Washington.

So, when the time came to expand RS&H’s Aerospace and Defense (A&D) presence into the Western region, Paula was a natural fit.

A mechanical engineer and project manager with 14 years of experience, Paula now serves as the A&D Denver Office Leader, where she can apply her characteristically hands-on approach to projects out West.


Leading Projects Out West

A recipient of the NASA Group Achievement Award for her efforts on the Mobile Launcher Modifications for Space Launch System (SLS) ground support equipment (GSE) installation, Paula has the ability to determine what clients need and fulfill those needs promptly.

“Paula doesn’t shy away from telling a client ‘no’ when there is a better solution,” said Richard Cunningham, senior construction administrator. “She’s very well-respected by clients and contractors because she always finds a way to resolve any problem – even if it’s a different solution than the one proposed.”

It’s the blend of her resourceful nature with goal-oriented strategies that makes Paula the perfect candidate to serve Aerospace and Defense’s client base in the Western region.

“Being right in Denver to provide services to clients is vital, so the move was a no-brainer for me,” said Paula. “I love getting out on the sites of our projects and now I’ll have that ability for our client base in the Western region.


Project Outcomes That Prove Skill

While working on the NASA Mobile Launcher GSE construction, Paula and her team faced significant challenges. Luckily, when it came to addressing the challenges, the team had already positioned themselves for success.

Before the project started, Paula brainstormed with team members to identify potential challenges and to anticipate how the team would handle changes in the field.

“We spent a month during the pre-proposal phase building out the processes, being extremely organized and planning,” said Paula. “Spending the time to create a solid foundation was a key differentiator for RS&H.”

For Paula, that big picture foundation is critical. But being able to adapt to address unexpected aspects – like identifying the correct slope for a ladder to a platform and how it affects the systems around it – is equally as critical when serving clients to the last detail.

“Paula has an incredible memory,” said Alice Schultz, senior architect. “She keeps tabs on project details that she can refer to quickly and has an ability to resurrect lapsed conversations – something clients always appreciate.”


A Technical Approach

Known for her straightforward approach to challenges, Paula is also very passionate when it comes to finding the perfect solution.

“Whether we are working with federal or commercial clients, we dedicate ourselves to the projects to really understand them,” said Paula. “Sometimes that means working in smaller teams to collaborate even more closely with clients, but that always means we’ll find the right outcome.”

A combination of skill sets is key to ensuring a team is fully equipped to meet complexities efficiently, and Paula’s own diversified skill set is central to the assembly of multifaceted teams.

According to her fellow associates, Paula is the go-to person for coating specifications, her understanding of metals, questions about corrosion control and much more. Because of her comprehensive knowledge, she serves as a resource to many.

“She is very relatable to both clients and team members,” said Donna Hammerstein, senior structural engineer. “She understands what they want to achieve, along with our expertise, and she brings it all together to find the right solutions.”

Paula’s experience in several areas like fire protection, piping systems and equipment and on-site problem-solving make her an asset to partners, clients and her teams.

But Paula’s stand-out quality is that she insists on improving in each area and beyond.

“Paula’s knowledge is unmatched when it comes to complex mechanical design for NASA ground support systems, and she’s constantly learning how to best support new projects,” said Alice. “She also has extensive experience in the implementation of KSC-DE-512-SM, and engineering services during construction for multi-discipline, multiple-phase projects.”


A Love for Space

Paula has always taken interest in space and “space-related things” – clearly demonstrated by her ever-growing track record. As the aerospace and defense hub out West continues to grow and thrive, Paula will continue to add to that track record by supporting projects of varying complexity and size.

And in her downtime, she’ll spend her first Colorado winter enjoying the weather.

Learn more about how we can advance your next aerospace project.


padlock Your privacy is important to us; we won’t share your information with anyone else.

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