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Dave Alberts Combines Passion for Aviation, People

By Krystal Modigell

February 27, 2018


Sitting in our Jacksonville, Florida, office as our Aviation Southeast Region Environmental Service Group Leader, Dave Alberts spends his days analyzing airports and other facilities to ensure they are meeting environmental regulations and standards. For seven years, Dave has dedicated himself to balancing client needs with protecting the environment – combining his passion for aviation and people along the way.

“Dave knows that his work is not only helping airports grow in a manner that reduces environmental impacts, but he is also helping people connect with others all around the world,” said Aviation Southeast Regional Leader John Carrigan.

Dave’s passion runs in the family. His father did environmental analysis for over 30 years in the aviation industry. His brother also is well known for modeling aviation noise at large hub airports.

Dave is naturally personable, making it easy for clients and associates alike to reach out to him with any questions. Most recently, Dave has become the go-to person in the firm for the environmental analysis of the commercial spaceport licensing process for launch sites and operators around the world.

Most of the projects Dave works on are early in the planning stage. He’s well known by colleagues for anticipating potential challenges that may come up in the environmental review process. He addresses any challenges before they become problems for our clients.

“His foresight is a big strength of his,” John said. “His knowledge and understanding of airports and the environmental issues they face has made him a trusted advisor to other RS&H project managers and clients who are navigating the environmental aspect of various airport projects.”

His supervisor, Dave Full, echoed John’s comments about being an excellent project manager because he understands the needs of the client and prepares deliverables that enable projects to be approved by the FAA and to be implemented by the airport sponsor.

Besides his project management expertise, Dave is also recognized in the firm for his collaboration with airfield engineers, building engineers, architects, and airport planners, as well as our Aerospace & Defense Practice.

Dave said he enjoys collaborating with others because when teams are presented with challenging problems, he believes collaboration inspires solutions.

“Once someone has worked with Dave, they request him on future projects because of the great collaborative experience they have had on a previous project,” Dave Full said. “Dave embodies the spirit of RS&H in every project he does.”

He provides thoughtful advice and accurate analysis, while excelling as a mentor and providing great opportunities for other associates at RS&H to shine.

Furthermore, Dave’s passion can be seen in his personal life, especially when he talks about his family.

“I would say the two experiences in my life that have shaped me is becoming a husband to my loving wife, Lindee, and my daily experiences with my two sons, Garrett and Easton,” Dave said.

He also takes time to volunteer as the Julington Creek Baseball (JCB) Majors Division Commissioner (11U/12U players) and as General Manager of the JCB Cobras 11U All Star team.

Anyone who works with Dave knows he has a passion for movies. He quotes them any chance he can get. His colleagues also know he loves baseball – the most passionate fan they know.

If he’s not at work or home, then he’s at the baseball fields.

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