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One of the biggest stressors in a transportation project is ensuring you are staying on track and that the construction team...

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Topics: Insights, Construction Management, Transportation, Project Controls

When choosing a General Engineering Consultant (GEC), it helps to find a partner an owner trusts to manage risk – to ensure...

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Topics: Insights, Transportation, Texas, GEC, Transportation Infrastructure

In the April 23 blog post The CARES Act and Capital Program Strategy, we discussed having shovel-ready projects to be prepared...

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Topics: Insights, Aviation, Airport, COVID-19

Editor’s Note: This story was originally published on December 12, 2019 and has been updated to reflect the change in...

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Topics: Insights, Healthcare, Buildings, Texas, FGI Texas

The ability to adapt quickly to changes in our environment enhances resilience.

This can be easily observed by reading any...

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Topics: Insights, Environmental, Transportation, Resiliency, Disaster Relief, Transportation Infrastructure

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau once said, “When people with a variety of perspectives work together and think...

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Topics: Insights, Leadership, Aerospace & Defense, Ignite, Careers

Healthcare architects have been designing facilities geared toward the patient experience for years now.

An integral component...

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Topics: Insights, Healthcare, Buildings, COVID-19

Have you revisited your contingency operations or emergency action plan (EAP) to ensure your facility is resilient during this...

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Topics: Insights, Commissioning, Buildings, Energy Management, Resiliency, COVID-19

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